Thank you for visiting our site. What a collection of merchandise right? HA! HA! HA! I do like to brag. This has been a personal dream of mine, to open Uniquely Global LLC in 2019. 

I love, love, LOVE, the diverse sections in stores. Perhaps, I am the only one who flips out when I find tamarind pastes in the local grocery aisle or when I see Kimono inspired clothing in a boutique. My list can go on and on from my excitement of seeing diverse products. It’s hard to find these products in the US and when I do, the quality isn’t what I’d want. So I am doing my best to bring you items we can be excited about together.

 A little more about me; I’ve lived in the Midwest now for 22 years and totally appreciate what it offers but, I struggle with the lack of diverse/international products. I’m the one you’ll find walking the aisles of World Market to get my fix. Yes-I said it, world market is my thang. I wish there was more Afro-Caribbean products, but they really have an ideal platform.

I’ve traveled abroad all my youth years and a bit as an adult, as a military dependent then member. Additionally, my hubby was born in Ghana and raised in Israel! So of course, being in the US we desire good ole Americana products with an international flare. This is what I’m excited to bring to all of you.


Very respectfully,


Satiya C. Amporful


UNIQUELY GLOBAL LLC offers clothing, spices, cosmetics, fabrics and statement art pieces for any home. UG Finds are chosen by our team, in the featured country. In effort to support demand, we have also included access to wholesalers lower the cost to you and still providing unique products. Our offerings are:

  1. Unique products from across the world.
  2. Fast fashion at designer boutique quality.
  3. Spices you only smell and taste in restaurants.
  4. Statement Art pieces that are handmade and worthy of praise and lengthy conversations.
  5. Do it Yourself products that are traditional, handmade, organic or even shipped direct from our UG partners.

Our team of professional buyers identify all the latest fashion trends and examine every detail of product quality at the same time. We work together with emerging designers and brands worldwide, to present creative, trendy and high craftsmanship collections.

In addition to UG Finds, our team has also teamed up with international providers for an even faster delivery model. We’re excited to present these products as it allows a higher volume of diverse product to satisfy our clients.

UG aspirations include:

  1. Creating sustainable employment options with the budding artisans whom we partner with.
  2. Partner with NGO/Nonprofits to support communities both home and abroad in diversity awareness.
  3. Regular visits abroad to extend our reach and supply of unique global products.


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